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All photos stored at Free-Photos.biz server are free: public domain (unlicensed), or licensed under free licenses like GPL, Free Art License, Creative Commons etc.

That means you can use the photos for free according to the conditions of the relevant license and your applicable laws.

Regardless of the licensing, personality rights warning applies to all images that depict identifiable persons:

The use of depictions of living or deceased persons may be restricted by laws regarding personality rights. The extent of these restrictions depends on jurisdiction. Personality rights restrictions apply independently of copyright. Before using this content, please ensure that the intended use does not infringe any personality rights under applicable laws. You are solely responsible for ensuring that you do not infringe someone else's personality rights.

Am I allowed to sell these photos?

All the licenses, apart from some Creative Commons licenses, usually allow you to sell these free photos (see below):

a) Public Domain:


Works in the public domain are those whose intellectual property rights have expired, been forfeited, or are inapplicable. The term is not normally applied to situations when the creator of a work retains residual rights, in which case use of the work is referred to as "under license" or with permission.

b) GPL (General Public License) 


Does the GPL allow me to sell copies of the program for money?

Yes, the GPL allows everyone to do this. The right to sell copies is part of the definition of free software. Except in one special situation, there is no limit on what price you can charge. (The one exception is the required written offer to provide source code that must accompany binary-only release.)


Does the GPL allow me to charge a fee for downloading the program from my site?

Yes. You can charge any fee you wish for distributing a copy of the program. If you distribute binaries by download, you must provide “equivalent access” to download the source—therefore, the fee to download source may not be greater than the fee to download the binary.


If I distribute GPL'd software for a fee, am I required to also make it available to the public without a charge?

No. However, if someone pays your fee and gets a copy, the GPL gives them the freedom to release it to the public, with or without a fee. For example, someone could pay your fee, and then put her copy on a web site for the general public.

c) Free Art License:


You have the right to distribute copies of this work; whether modified or not, whatever the medium and the place, with or without any charge...

d) Free-Photos.Biz licence

I am the owner of this photo and I agree that this photo can be used by anyone, anytime, for any purpose, in any way, with no conditions.




The membership of Free-Photos.biz can be granted for one year - or for a longer term. If you notice you are no longer a member, you are welcome to e-mail us again asking for your membership to be renewed.

We reserve the right to cancel memberships if our policies change or if our server gets overloaded due to members downloading many full-size photographs. The membership can also be cancelled due to other reasons.

Even if you are not a member or your membership has just been cancelled, you can still download 100,000+ free photos - but with certain limitations (premium photos will be available to you in average size and with a large site's watermark (right-click your mouse to save them), the other photos may be downloaded in full size only in certain numbers per month).



The images at Free-Photos.biz come mainly from Wikimedia Commons or from our own production. The photos are either in the public domain, or licensed under free linceses: Free-Photos.biz license, GPL, Creative Commons or Free-Art license. Some very few other photos where uploaded to Free-Photos.biz by our users and released into the public domain or into free usage under another free license (like GPL etc.)

While the copyright and licensing information supplied for each photo is believed to be accurate, Free-Photos.biz does not provide any warranty regarding the copyright status or correctness of licensing terms. If you decide to reuse the images from Free-Photos.biz, you should verify the copyright status of each image just as you would when obtaining images from other sources.

The use of depictions of living or deceased persons may be restricted in some jurisdictions by laws regarding personality rights. Such images are exhibited at Free-Photos.biz as works of art that serve higher artistic interests.


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We do NOT disclose your personal data.

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